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'The Modjo'

Both spontaneous, funny and breathtaking, this show is a breath of fresh air, which allows spectators to disconnect from their daily lives for a moment, and come out refreshed. It is the discovery of two personalities in their complexity, complicity and spontaneity, coming together to do something great. The staging of friendship with its moments of delirium, nitpicking, but also depth, brings joy and arouses the interest of young and old.

What are you made for?

What are you made for? Why do you do what you do? Are you made for what you do? What have you always wanted to dare to do, but you're afraid of other people's opinions. Full of questions which, if we ask them ourselves, can change our outlook on our daily life. In a society where burnout seems to accumulate, where young people no longer know what to decide, where "Fomo" is a real fear, maybe we should take some time to look at ourselves and discover what is is were were made to do. This show offers us this moment of reflection. 

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