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Both spontaneous, funny and breathtaking, this show is a breath of fresh air, which allows spectators to disconnect from their daily lives for a moment, and come out refreshed. It is the discovery of two personalities in their complexity, complicity and spontaneity, coming together to do something great. The staging of friendship with its moments of delirium, nitpicking, but also depth, brings joy and arouses the interest of young and old.

The Modjo is a show for all ages. It can be played outdoors, with an aerial rig, or indoors with an aerial hook (minimum 5.50 meters high), it was designed for “all-terrain”.

The two artists interact with the public, bringing richness and newness to each show. In a few words,

Le Modjo is a combination of clownish humor, music (accordion), and circus disciplines (partner acrobatics and trapeze).

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